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Comfort, O Comfort my people, says your God

Observing Lent through Art and Word


On Ash Wednesday the Prayer Book calls us to “the observance of a holy Lent.” 


With this online exhibition we offer one Lenten observance:  a group of St. Mary’s artist and writers have gathered their words and images into an exhibition reflecting on our ongoing season of exile from the sanctuary, a season marked by struggle and sorrow and also by courage and even joy.   


How might we incorporate these works into our lives and prayers during Lent? 


You might choose to view one work each weekday in Lent, spending time with the work and reflecting on the ways it speaks to you:

Ponder the ways that the work explores the theme. 

Perhaps the work will inspire a prayer, a written reflection, or an answering image of your own.

At the end of each week you might look back over the works you have explored that week.  Which are most powerful for you?  Why?


Beka Wueste will be highlighting individual works through Facebook, inviting your response.


We offer our thanks to all who entered their work in the show; to Sue Cromer for her advice and assistance as our staff liaison; and most especially to Bruce Parker, who created the site and all the entry procedures. 


Art Show Curators:

Beka Wueste

Peggy Parker